Giro d'Italia 2024

Giro d'Italia 2024
XOO-Nation Classification
# Nation Ø Average
1 GermanyGermany
Dal, Sith, Zachi, sparta, Uli10, chris777666, Mike Cavenfish
Ø 971.00

The minimum number of players for inclusion in the nation classification is 3.
The nation which determines the maximum number of players for this nation classification: Germany (7 Players, 21 Predictions).
Germany Germany (10)
GermanyDal1071 XP
GermanySith1006 XP
GermanyZachi984 XP
Germanysparta975 XP
GermanyUli10945 XP
Germanychris777666910 XP
GermanyMike Cavenfish906 XP
↓ not in national team ↓
Germanyolympushb836 XP
GermanyRobbi830 XP
GermanyTuk7674 XP
(no national team)
Claus111231 XP
Romania Romania (no national team)
RomaniaFocus1110 XP
RomaniaRaVa924 XP
Belgium Belgium (no national team)
BelgiumBergtrui927 XP
BelgiumManuel Peerboom926 XP
United States United States (no national team)
United Statesricycle979 XP
United Statesicecupe454 XP
Switzerland Switzerland (no national team)
SwitzerlandBobby1022 XP
SwitzerlandChilloMillo969 XP

Austria Austria (no national team)
AustriaRamirez781 XP
Netherlands Netherlands (no national team)
NetherlandsCapodicoppi679 XP
Spain Spain (no national team)
United Kingdom United Kingdom (no national team)
United Kingdomroy215 XP