XOO-Cycling Prediction Game

Players are taking part in a tournament with their points scored from the main game. The winner of the final wins the XOO-Challenge! At the beginning all players receive coins as starter cash to bet on players. When a tournament ends, gained coins minus starter cash are taken into account for the achievement «Coins». Losses are covered by the XOO-Bank.

Only Pro players are seeded for a tournament.

This XOO-Challenge is over

Round 1
Tour de France
Stage 2
Round 2
Tour de France
Stage 3
Tour de France
Stage 4
Tour de France
Stage 5
felixnum9 54 XP
Capodicoppi 44 XP
HenniHirschi 61 XP
ChilloMillo 46 XP
alex 0 XP
Tuk7 45 XP
Biggie 60 XP
dynamo75 48 XP
Ärick 41 XP
Robbi 35 XP
Lama 45 XP
LanceUllrich 0 XP
sergio83 52 XP
AndiTainment 51 XP
icecupe 72 XP
felixnum9 63 XP
HenniHirschi 81 XP
ChilloMillo 62 XP
Biggie 33 XP
dynamo75 42 XP
Lama 65 XP
sergio83 56 XP
icecupe 64 XP
HenniHirschi 106 XP
ChilloMillo 90 XP
Lama 95 XP
icecupe 99 XP
HenniHirschi 14 XP
icecupe 28 XP