XOO-Cycling Prediction Game

Players are taking part in a tournament with their points scored from the main game. The winner of the final wins the XOO-Challenge! At the beginning all players receive coins as starter cash to bet on players. When a tournament ends, gained coins minus starter cash are taken into account for the achievement «Coins». Losses are covered by the XOO-Bank.

Only Pro players are seeded for a tournament.

This XOO-Challenge is over

Round 1
Tour de Suisse
Stage 5
Round 2
Tour de Suisse
Stage 6
Tour de Suisse
Stage 7
Tour de Suisse
Stage 8
ricycle 26 XP
Bergtrui 8 XP
kabo12 18 XP
Focus 38 XP
roy 22 XP
Dal 17 XP
Bergziege93 8 XP
chris777666 24 XP
Manuel P... 34 XP
Ramirez 17 XP
Zachi 6 XP
olympushb 14 XP
TorhaiFCB 8 XP
RaVa 14 XP
sparta 27 XP
ricycle 18 XP
Focus 30 XP
roy 5 XP
Dal 12 XP
Manuel P... 17 XP
Ramirez 18 XP
olympushb 0 XP
sparta 12 XP
Focus 69 XP
Dal 86 XP
Ramirez 69 XP
sparta 96 XP
Dal 54 XP
sparta 62 XP