XOO-Cycling Prediction Game

Players are taking part in a tournament with their points scored from the main game. The winner of the final wins the XOO-Challenge! At the beginning all players receive coins as starter cash to bet on players. When a tournament ends, gained coins minus starter cash are taken into account for the achievement «Coins». Losses are covered by the XOO-Bank.

Only Pro players are seeded for a tournament.

This XOO-Challenge is over

Round 1
Tour de France
Stage 17
Round 2
Tour de France
Stage 18
Tour de France
Stage 19
Tour de France
Stage 20
sparta 65 XP
alex 8 XP
kabo12 50 XP
Capodicoppi 50 XP
roy 63 XP
Blattner 52 XP
chris777666 43 XP
Bergziege93 10 XP
Bobby 58 XP
olympushb 39 XP
zwyssig 62 XP
Dal 77 XP
TorhaiFCB 65 XP
supermarct 55 XP
Space Cowboy 0 XP
icecupe 43 XP
sparta 8 XP
Capodicoppi 67 XP
roy 27 XP
chris777666 67 XP
Bobby 63 XP
Dal 0 XP
TorhaiFCB 59 XP
icecupe 11 XP
Capodicoppi 29 XP
chris777666 16 XP
Bobby 11 XP
TorhaiFCB 17 XP
Capodicoppi 44 XP
TorhaiFCB 43 XP