XOO-Cycling Prediction Game

Players are taking part in a tournament with their points scored from the main game. The winner of the final wins the XOO-Challenge! At the beginning all players receive coins as starter cash to bet on players. When a tournament ends, gained coins minus starter cash are taken into account for the achievement «Coins». Losses are covered by the XOO-Bank.

Only Pro players are seeded for a tournament.

This XOO-Challenge is over

Round 1
Vuelta a España
Stage 17
Round 2
Vuelta a España
Stage 18
Vuelta a España
Stage 19
Vuelta a España
Stage 20
ricycle 36 XP
Bergtrui 37 XP
icecupe 32 XP
Uli10 36 XP
Zachi 24 XP
Bergziege93 48 XP
Ramirez 34 XP
Manuel P... 10 XP
roy 48 XP
Capodicoppi 25 XP
sergio83 59 XP
olympushb 0 XP
TorhaiFCB 23 XP
Mike Cav... 29 XP
kabo12 22 XP
Bergtrui 55 XP
Uli10 18 XP
Bergziege93 18 XP
Ramirez 24 XP
roy 18 XP
sergio83 44 XP
TorhaiFCB 32 XP
Mike Cav... 19 XP
Bergtrui 43 XP
Ramirez 45 XP
sergio83 37 XP
TorhaiFCB 37 XP
Ramirez 81 XP
TorhaiFCB 79 XP