Milano-Torino 2019

Milano-Torino 2019
XOO-Nation Classification
# Nation Ø Average
1 United StatesUnited States
icecupe, ricycle, Space Cowboy
Ø 40.33
2 GermanyGermany
sparta, chris777666, supermarct
Ø 33.00

The minimum number of players for inclusion in the nation classification is 3.
The nation which determines the maximum number of players for this nation classification: United States (3 Players, 1 Prediction).
Germany Germany (6)
Germanysparta40 XP
Germanychris77766638 XP
Germanysupermarct21 XP
↓ not in national team ↓
Germanydynamo7520 XP
GermanyMunda0017 XP
GermanyZachi9 XP
United States United States (3)
United Statesicecupe53 XP
United Statesricycle44 XP
United StatesSpace Cowboy24 XP
Netherlands Netherlands (no national team)
Netherlandskabo1222 XP
NetherlandsBiggie14 XP
Switzerland Switzerland (no national team)
SwitzerlandChilloMillo19 XP
Switzerlandzwyssig16 XP

France France (no national team)
Francesergio8331 XP
Belgium Belgium (no national team)
BelgiumManuel Peerboom30 XP
Austria Austria (no national team)
AustriaRamirez-4 XP
(no national team)